Flint Creek is a 22min short film written and directed by Western New York native, writer/director Chris Hall. The film tries to shed light on a period in history that has been all but forgotten today; the War of 1812. It was a period in American history that almost cost the young nation its sovereignty and was crucial to shaping the character of the United States to this very day.

The film tells the story of Jack Harlan, a young settler on the Niagara Frontier of Western New York in 1813. Centered along the border with the Canada, the Niagara region has become a staging ground for invasion and counter-invasion by the British and their Native American allies, leaving the local population caught in the middle of a dangerous war.

While hunting in the woods one morning, Jack witnesses an incident that will dramatically change his world as he knows it. When the war finally comes to Jack, he is forced to choose between "doing the right thing" or staying safely on the sidelines. The story that unfolds is one of an unlikely friendship between two sworn enemies and the danger they find themselves in surrounded by war.

Flint Creek was made possible by a grant from the Los Angeles Filmworks fund, and numerous donations from individuals across Western New York. Filmed in both Western New York, and Southern California in stunning 4K resolution on the RED ONE Digital Cinema Camera, the film is currently playing on the 2010 film festival circuit.

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